L 41.40.12' N  Lo 81.25.40' W


      2018 Officers and Committee Chairman

     Commodore:  John Koch

     Vice Commodore: Tom Hayward

     Rear Commodore: 

     Fleet Captain : Tim Tesar

     Assistant Fleet Captain: Jim Morgan

     Treasurer: Joan Oshaben

     Financial Secretary: Brian Norris

     Recording Secretary: Jeff Brower

     Sgt at Arms : George Kasner

     Trustee (President): P/C Greg Zimmer

     Trustee: P/C Wiliam Bailey 

     Trustee: John Bojc

     Trustee: Bill Russ

     Trustee: P/C John Mysyk

     New Membership Chairman: Keith Sargent

     Bent Prop News Editor / Website Editor:

                    Joe Rittenhouse


 Chagrin River Yacht Club is a private club whose facilities are for the sole use of its members and their guest.  This website’s information shall not be construed as an invitation to the general public. Please feel free to call and check us out.

For Docking

Information Call

Keith Sargent


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